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What’s The Hype?


THE HYPE is not your average ride for so many reasons: we have top of the line bikes, full body cardio classes, TONS of classes each week, THE BEST instructors, clean/high end studio, and all the good vibes – its our thing. At THE HYPE we ride to the beat together as one, hype each other up, and pass energy from one to another, we need each other! The Hype is not a gym its a Community! The energy we can pass to each other is unbelievable, we are so much stronger together. Our seamless rhythm-based choreography makes a 45 minute cardio class feel like minutes.


WHAT TO WEAR: We suggest wearing tight fitting pants or shorts, with a light top or sports bra. We do provide towels so no need to bring you own. SPD clip in or delta clip shoes are required for our bikes and can be rented at the front desk at no charge to you. If you rather purchase your own to have, we can get you some in 2-3 business days at a discounted rate.

HYDRATE: Always remember to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your class. Riders are encouraged to bring their own water bottles and fill them at our filtered water system, or you may purchase plastic water bottles from our front desk.

EAT: Have a meal a few hours before class or a light snack up to half an hour before your class.


ARRIVE EARLY: Please make sure you arrive 15 minutes before class. The team will help set you up on your bike. Remember that if you do not arrive a minimum of 5 minutes before class we cannot guarantee that you will be allowed entry into class, as your seat can be given to those who are waitlisted (meaning the class is full and we have riders ready to roll without a bike available).


CHECK IN: If you have booked online (very recommended) sign in with staff at the front desk. Your spot will be up for grabs to wait-listers if you have not signed in at least 5 minutes before the class. If you are not signed-in, we’ll assume you’re not here. We encourage first time riders to choose bikes toward the back of the room so that they can follow along with the rhythm of the class. Spots may be switched to keep integrity of the class if needed.

WAIVER: All first-time riders must sign a waiver. Please let the front desk staff know when checking in that this is your first time so we can take the pertinent steps to get you all set up. Clients are accountable for ensuring their waiver has been signed before their first class. All clients 15 years of age and under are required to have a parent or guardian’s signature in person order to ride.

SAFTEY: Before your class please check in with your bike. Tighten all handles on the bike and make sure your shoes are properly clipped in. We will help you with this anytime you need guidance with how you should feel and be sitting on the bike. Please remember to listen to your body and work at a level that is most comfortable to you. Our instructors are here to motivate you and push you, but let your body be your guide to what you can take. The Hype team is happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have before or after class.

BIKE SET UP: The instructor or front desk will be sure to help you with your first bike set up. Please give yourself time to feel comfortable on your bike, test the tension (black knob) and warm up your legs prior to class if you can.

The key parts to proper set up on the bike.
1. Seat Hight should be at your hip bone
2. Handle bars should be at the same hight or higher than your seat (most of our work is out of the saddle in class)
3. Seat and handle bars can be adjusted towards or away from you, make sure they don’t feel too far away from you, you want a flat back when seated.

The Class

Here at The Hype most of our classes are rhythm based! We ride to the beat as one, TOGETHER we are stronger. Be ready for a 45 minute full body dance on a bike! LET’S SWEAT!

The Instructors

The Instructors at The Hype are no joke! They are certified and trained here at the studio and have months and months of tedious training that they have undergone. We know that the instructors are everything and that is why all instructors at The Hype are the best around. 


To book your classes we have made it nice and easy on ya – just click that tab on the top that says “schedule”, create a login, pick a bike, and you my friend are IN! Another easy peasy way is to download our app to book that way ( Click HERE to download) .


Amazing place, amazing instructors, amazing equipment, amazing energy, Amazing Ashlee! … Just Amazing!

The Hype is a Beautiful new building so yes it’s very clean.   Great location, right off the freeway, so easy access  with plenty of parking.

There are multiple roomy restrooms, including a few dressing rooms.  Plenty of kush benches with room for you & all of your personal space.  When I say *kush* – NO reference to the marij-lol.

The Hype has opening specials Right Now ! So take advantage before you eat that turkey and pie ….and ~ Believe in The Hype! ~
-Mich R. R.

Incredible facility! Excellent equipment & friendly management. They provided clean spin shoes to wear, towels for use, wet cloth at the end to refresh (not unlike marathon race finish), and the class was high energy and a great workout. I highly recommend this place for anyone looking for a good workout in an incredible setting.
-Shane Johanson

My first time ever to a spin class and I’m hooked!! You feel the energy right when you walk through the door. Wether you go with someone or by yourself everyone there is very welcoming. They have shoes for you, towels and a place to fill your water bottle up. I won’t go anywhere else to spin after trying this place. If you’re not local and still like to get your work out in, this is the place.
-Amber Fausett Newby

What’s The PIIT?

Pilates fused with HIIT Training

Pilates is a high energy vibe where we have fused Pilates and mat work with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Our goal is to build a strong core together through breath and community. We have created a space where everyBODY is welcome. 


WHAT TO WEAR: We suggest comfortable clothes you can move in. Bring a yoga mat and water. All PIIT classes are done barefoot.  If you don’t have a yoga mat we have them for rent.

HYDRATE: Always remember to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your class. Riders are encouraged to bring their own water bottles and fill them at our filtered water system, or you may purchase plastic water bottles from our front desk.

EAT: Have a meal a few hours before class or a light snack up to half an hour before your class.


ARRIVE EARLY: Please be sure to arrive 10-15 mins early and in your spot. The instructor will assist you on what is needed for that class. Arriving a little early sets you up for a successful class and experience.


CHECK IN: If you have booked online sign in with the front desk. We recommend booking online to secure your spot. If you have not booked online please make sure to check with front desk on availability.


WAIVER: To attend any class a waiver must be signed prior to taking class. Please let the front desk know if this is your first time. All clients 15 years of age and younger are required to have a parent or guardians signature.


The Class

Here at The PIIT we believe everyBODY is capable and everyBODY is welcome. These are fast paced classes where you choose your own pace. Modifications are always offered and we highly encourage “you do you” vibe.

The Instructors

Here at The PIIT we have a high standard of quality. Our instructors are some of the best. They are trained and certified. We as a whole continuously work on growing our instructor skills with workshops and team building meetings.


To book your class click the tab at the top that says “schedule”, create a login, pick your spot, and as easy as that you are signed up for your first class! You can also download our app and book your classes that way. 

( Click HERE to download) .


The energy at the PITT is unlike any studio in town! Sarah not only has the best playlist but she hires the best instructors! Each class is a party full of positivity & fun while getting an awesome full-body workout! I cannot recommend this place enough! 

-Jamie Holt

The positive environment Sarah has created at The Piit is unique and unlike any other studio or gym! Each time I enter, I am greeted by name and with a smile. Just like I’m coming home.  The classes are taught by amazing instructors who are trained, certified and downright fun!  The energy here is crazy contagious, and I love being a part of the Piit/Hype family!  Just come once and you’ll see!

– Julie McRae

Experience THE HYPE and THE PIIT.


1025 E. Tabernacle St.
St. George, UT 84770

Phone Number:


Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday: 5am – 8pm
Saturday 7 – 11am
Sunday: 8 – 11am


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